SEC Roundtable

The Wall Street Journal reports that the SEC will hold a roundtable early next year on the topic of shareholder litigation. The roundtable is being held in response to a letter (along with discussion questions) from six prominent law professors petitioning the agency to examine the topic. It also comes in the wake of a series of reports, including from The Committee on Capital Markets Regulation and Bloomberg/Schumer, that have discussed the potential negative impact of shareholder litigation on the U.S. financial markets.

Quote of note (WSJ): “The SEC roundtable, as it appears so far, will address the law professors’ concerns, including who bears the cost of paying for attorneys fees in securities lawsuits, the role insurance plays in indemnifying companies or individuals, the percentage of investors who file claims and collect portions of settlements, and how the economics of a settlement change when the defendant is a third party.”

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