He’s Back

As predicted by some observers, Chief Justice Roberts is rejoining the Stoneridge (a.k.a. Charter Communications) case after initially recusing himself. The speculation is that he has sold the securities that caused the conflict of interest. Justice Breyer remains recused, however, setting up the possibility of a split decision. Coverage can be found in the Blog of Legal Times and the WSJ Law Blog.

Quote of note (SCOTUSBlog): “If the Court were to divide evenly, 4-4, on Stoneridge, the result would simply be to affirm the Eighth Circuit decision without an opinion. The Court might then seek another test case in which to address the underlying legal question. A major Enron case, California Regents v. Merrill Lynch, et al. (docket 06-1341), raises the same issue; that case apparently is being held to await the outcome of the Stoneridge case.”

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