Cornerstone Releases Report On Settlements

Cornerstone Research has released its annual report on securities class action settlements. The notable findings include:

(1) There were 67 settlements last year, a 17.5% increase from 2012. The report concludes that the increase is likely due to the settling of “credit crisis” cases.

(2) The average settlement value was $71.3 million (significantly higher than historical levels), but the median settlement value was $6.5 million (significantly lower than historical levels). The discrepancy can be explained by the presence of six settlements over $100 million, which increased the average settlement value even as the size of more typical settlements declined.

(3) Overall, 50% of cases since 1996 (post-PSLRA) have settled for between $3.6 million and $20.6 million.

(4) In 2013, the median time to settlement from filing was 3.2 years.

Quote of Note (press release): “This past year’s data also represent the fading echoes of the financial crisis, as some of the largest settlements resolve claims of fraud surrounding transactions in mortgage-backed securities. These lawsuits won’t be around in the coming years to drive aggregate settlement values.”

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