Cornerstone Releases Report on Settlements

Cornerstone Research has released its annual report on securities class action settlements. The notable findings include:

(1) There were 65 settlements in 2011, involving $1.4 billion in total settlement funds. These numbers represent a significant decline as compared to 2010 (86 settlements; $3.2 billion in funds) and are the lowest number of approved settlements and total settlement dollars in more than 10 years.

(2) The average reported settlement amount decreased from $36.3 million in 2010 to $21 million in 2011, substantially below the average of $55.2 million for all post-PSLRA settlements. Among the factors identified by Cornerstone as possibly responsible for the decrease are: (a) the overall drop in filings of traditional securities class actions that began in 2006; (b) a decline in very large settlements (only three over $100 million); (c) a lower average estimated damages in the settled cases; and (d) fewer cases involving accounting allegations or accompanied by SEC actions/derivative actions.

(3) Robbins Geller was the most active firm in 2011, having been involved in 35% of the settled cases.

Quote of Note: “[C]onsidering that the $725 million partial settlement approved in February 2012 in the American International Group, Inc., Securities Litigation matter exceeds 50 percent of the total value of 2011 settlements and that other tentative mega-settlements have settlement approval dates in 2012, it appears likely that the total dollar amount for settlements will return to more typical levels in 2012.”

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