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NERA Economic Consulting and Cornerstone Research (in conjunction with the Stanford Securities Class Action Clearinghouse) have released their 2011 annual reports on securities class action filings.

The findings for 2011 include:

(1) Cornerstone finds that there were 188 filings (compared with 176 filings in 2010), while NERA finds that there were 232 filings (compared with 241 filings in 2010). (For some insight on why NERA has a larger total, see footnote 2 of the NERA report, which discusses its counting methodology. Also, NERA’s report came out in December, requiring it to use a projected number for December’s total filings.) Both reports agree that cases against listed Chinese companies and M&A cases have driven a significant portion of the filing activity. Meanwhile, credit crisis cases have dwindled (Cornerstone – 3 filings; NERA – 11 filings).

(2) Cornerstone has an interesting new analysis on the probability of a securities class action advancing through different stages of litigation. The analysis, using filings from 1996 to 2011, finds that prior to the filing of a motion to dismiss, 9% of cases were voluntarily dismissed and 16% were settled. Of the remaining 75% of cases, 32% were dismissed, 35% were settled, and 8% reached a ruling on summary judgment or beyond. The report also breaks down these numbers by circuit and year.

(3) NERA provides some settlement statistics and finds that, even excluding large settlement outliers, there was a substantial decline in average settlement values — from $40 million in 2010 to $31 million in 2011. The median settlement value was $8.7 million, which was less than the 2010 all-time median settlement value of $11 million, but still the third highest on record.

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