Converium Settles

Converium Holding AG, a Zurich-based international reinsurer acquired by SCOR in August 2007, has announced the preliminary settlement of the securities class action pending against the company in the Southern District of New York (S.D.N.Y.). The case, originally filed in October 2004, stems from allegations that executives at Converium artificially inflated the price of Converium’s stock by failing to disclose to the public certain deficiencies in the company’s loss reserves. The case in the S.D.N.Y. is limited to U.S. invesotrs. Converium has agreed to settle those claims, as well any claims by non-U.S. investors, for an aggregate amount of $114.5 million (74 million EUR). The claims by non-U.S. investors will be settled in a court proceeding in the Netherlands, apparently following in the footsteps of a similar settlement entered into by Royal Dutch Shell last year.

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