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A few items of interest:

(1) The D & O Diary has a post examining recent securities class action decisions involving foreign investors. One type of litigation that is receiving a lot of attention is “foreign cubed” cases (defined as an action brought in the U.S. against a foreign issuer, on behalf of a class that includes not only investors who purchased the securities in question on a U.S. securities exchange, but also foreign investors who purchased the securities on a foreign securities exchange).

(2) Securities Litigation Watch has a post on a recent Ninth Circuit case setting out the standard for determining when an investor is on inquiry notice of his securities fraud claim for purposes of the running of the statute of limitations. The case is Betz v. Trainer Wortham & Co., Inc., 2007 WL 2874369 (9th Cir. Oct. 4, 2007).

(3) Two new papers on determining securities fraud damages have been published: Inflation and Damages in a Post-Dura World (David Tabak – NERA) and The Loss Causation Requirement for Rule 10b-5 Causes-of-Action: The Implication of Dura Pharmaceuticals v. Broudo (Allen Ferrell – Harvard; Atanu Saha – Alix Partners).

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