The Milberg Effect

Two articles from last week:

(1) The American Lawyer has a feature article on Milberg Weiss’s indictment and the concurrent decline in securities class action filings.

(2) The Wall Street Journal Law Blog reports that Milberg Weiss and Lerach Coughlin have been sued in a class action based on the kickback allegations in the Milberg Weiss indictment. The suit is being brought on behalf of former class members in several lawsuits in which Milberg Weiss acted as lead counsel. A copy of the complaint can be found here.

Quote of note (The American Lawyer): “Nor is there a new Milberg on the horizon. After several years, and several key court rulings, the PSLRA’s goal of forcing plaintiffs to allege highly specific allegations appears to be working, according to both plaintiffs and defense lawyers. That makes a firm model based on filing lots of actions harder to maintain, since plaintiffs cases are more prone to dismissal. A handful of major players in the practice-Bernstein Litowitz and Grant & Eisenhofer, for example-file the major cases that Milberg did at its peak, but don’t bring the bevy of smaller cases that Milberg also did.”

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