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A few items of interest:

(1) With Vigour and Zeal has a post, including a link to a related article in Legal Week, on the filing of derivative actions in U.S. courts against non-U.S. companies.

(2) WSJ Law Blog has coverage of a humorous D. of Minn. decision denying the motion to dismiss in the UnitedHealth securities class action. As noted in the comments to the post, however, the defendants presumably were not amused by the court’s heavy reliance on a pleading standard repudiated by the U.S. Supreme Court two weeks ago.

(3) And just in case you cannot get enough of the Stoneridge case, Best In Class has a post on some chatter that appears to have arrived a bit late.

Addition: Regarding the D. of Minn. decision, an alert reader points out that the court subsequently issued an amended opinion reflecting the change in the law (but reaching the same result).

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