Supreme Court To Address Circuit Split On SLUSA

The Supreme Court has granted cert in the Dabit case (2d. Cir.) and will address the scope of the Securities Litigation Uniform Standards Act of 1998 (“SLUSA”).

SLUSA preempts certain class actions based upon state law that allege a misrepresentation in connection with the purchase or sale of nationally traded securities. The issue before the Supreme Court is the application of the “in connection with” requirement. In particular, the court will resolve the circuit split between the Second and Seventh Circuits over whether SLUSA preemption applies to claims brought solely on behalf of persons who were induced to hold (but not purchase or sell) securities.

The 10b-5 Daily has posted frequently on this issue, including posts on the underlying Second Circuit opinion in the Dabit case finding that SLUSA only applies to purchaser/seller claims and the Seventh Circuit’s opinion in the Putnam Funds II case reaching the opposite conclusion. For a cite to an article discussing the circuit split and its ramifications, see this post.

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