The Discovery Stay, Class Action Trials, And More On Enron

Some miscellaneous items that have been piling up in The 10b-5 Daily’s mailbox and around the web:

1) There is an interesting commentary, entitled “The Incoherent Jurisprudence of the PLSRA Discovery Stay,” in the May 18, 2005 issue of the Andrews Securities Litigation and Regulation Reporter (Westlaw cite: 11 No. 1 ANSLRR 2). The author (Jesse Weiss) examines the applicability of the stay where: (a) defendants have produced documents to government agencies; (b) plaintiffs have brought state law claims in addition to federal securities fraud claims; or (c) there are parallel proceedings in state or federal court.

(2) Securities Litigation Watch tries to track down the elusive answer to the following question: exactly how many securities class actions have gone to trial since the passage of the PSLRA? (As The 10b-5 Daily recently noted, everyone has a different number.)

3) The Christian Science Monitor has a feature article on the relative value of the recent Enron settlements.

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