International Forays

It is international week at The 10b-5 Daily, with two more articles discussing the exporting of American-style class action litigation (including securities fraud cases). The New York Law Journal (via – free regist. req’d) has a piece on pending legislation in the Netherlands that will allow for settlements that bind all members of a class who do not opt out. The author notes that the expansion of class actions in Europe is taking place at the same time that U.S. corporations are attempting to limit their use here. While over at Forbes, there is a profile of U.S. lawyers who are pursuing mass tort actions abroad.

Quote of note (New York Law Journal): Marc Gottridge of Lovells “does not foresee a sea change in the balance of class actions, despite the pending legislation in the Netherlands and elsewhere. ‘Even if foreign countries adopted the same procedures’ used in American courts, ‘the U.S. would still be an attractive forum in many cases’ for institutional investors based in Europe, he said. That is because of the U.S. system’s wide-reaching discovery, jury trials and the potential for immense punitive damage awards.”

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