Halliburton Settlement On Hold

The Financial Times has a story on the dispute between the lead plaintiffs in the Halliburton securities class action. As previously noted in The 10b-5 Daily, Halliburton Company announced at the end of May that it had agreed to a $6 million settlement.

In a remarkable development, however, Scott + Scott (which represents one of the four lead plaintiffs) has refused to sign onto the settlement and is attempting to have Schiffrin & Barroway removed as lead counsel in the case. Scott + Scott claims that Schiffrin “did not convene a single meeting of the lead plaintiffs, refused to give other firms evidence it had investigated the charges, and then settled the case for $6m, even though some have estimated the damages as high as $6.8bn.” There is also some controversy over why Vice President Dick Cheney, the CEO of Halliburton during some of the class period, was not named as a defendant.

The court has scheduled a hearing for August 25.

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