WSJ Profiles Judge Pollack

In the wake of his recent opinions, Judge Pollack of the S.D.N.Y. is profiled in today’s Wall Street Journal (suscrip. required).

Quote of note: “Judge Pollack was just as brassy in his days as a plaintiffs’ lawyer, said Michael Mukasey, chief judge of the Southern District where Judge Pollack sits. As Judge Mukasey tells the story, one day when taking a deposition from Spyros Skouras, then head of the 20th Century Fox movie studio, in Mr. Skouras’s wood- paneled office, Mr. Pollack calmly selected a cigar from a humidor, bit off the end and lit up. Visibly reddening, Mr. Skouras said: ‘Mr. Pollack, I don’t remember offering you a cigar.’ Mr. Pollack replied, ‘Those aren’t your cigars, those are the stockholders’ cigars.'”

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