Deloitte Touche Bermuda To Stand Trial

Deloitte Touche Bermuda is accused of aiding and abetting the Manhattan Investment Fund’s alleged $400 million fraud through audits it conducted for the 1996 and 1997 fiscal years. On Monday, the New York Law Journal reports, the S.D.N.Y. rejected a summary judgment motion by the accounting firm. Among other things, Deloitte had argued that the court lacked subject matter jurisdiction because the plaintiffs are not U.S. citizens.

Quote of note: “‘All of the causes of action and defendants are tied together through their connection to the single scheme which was the fraud committed by Berger [who controlled the hedge fund] in New York,’ [Judge] Cote said. ‘It matters not, therefore, whether any beneficial owner of shares in the Fund or the two named plaintiffs are United States citizens.'”

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